South African Gears of War 3 Grand Finale Tournament is locked down – let the crushing games begin!

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The core of the local Gears community is relatively small but very close. Almost everyone knows each other as we play with and against each other week in and week out.

CMR and El33tonline Gears of War 3 Grand Finale Tournament Banner

SA Gears players have been through a lot, going from no servers to local servers back to no servers and now connecting (if you can) to international servers. Times have been tough, but when the call went out for the tournament, slots filled up very quickly so much so that our original (modest) target of eight teams filled up in the first week of February.

We’ve since decided that we couldn’t deny teams the chance to participate and so we extended our limit and now have a total of eleven teams in the tournament, which is an excellent showing of support for a game that is supposedly dead.

The Teams of the Tournament

First on the sign up sheet (after CMR of course) was the Fallen Lobotomisers commonly known as FLS (Legion & Betrayal). Their two teams have been dominating local Gears since their debut in the Wingman Challenge back in Gears of War 2 and have finished first and third in both of the previous Gears of War 3 tournaments – they’re definitely the clan to beat.

Then we have RipCordz which is the youngest team in the tournament and the team I am proud to say has grown the most since its chaotic beginnings. Their excitement and lack of organisation may have got the better of them in their competitive debut in the DGL Cup but they caused quite a stir when they finished runners-up in the zaKOTH tournament. If they can keep their heads they are definitely a team to watch.

Gears of War 3 - Forces of Nature Screenshot 9

GroundZero is one of the oldest and most loyal Gears clans out there, evidenced by how when the tournament was announced they were on the verge of disbandment, but within a week they pulled themselves together and if the recent friendly results are anything to go by they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Johnny Can’t Swim, the Bench Warmers and The Button Mashers may not be household names as teams but everybody will know the players. All members have been regulars in the Gears Wednesday community evenings and/or if you’ve ever been looking for somebody to fill a lobby. They’re always game to jam some Gears for fun and they’ll show in the tournament that they can get down to business as well.

Gears of War 3 - Forces of Nature Screenshot 1

And for the first time ever Crimson Moon Rising has actually been able to field three full teams. We’ve always had the numbers but never has everybody been able to commit before now. That in itself is an achievement worth noting! Our Stranded team placed well in the DGL Cup but they may not be top (CMR) dogs this time around as intra-clan rivalries uppped the ante, and all CMR teams will push each other hard for some clan bragging rights.

And last but not least, a team that loves to make an entrance sneaking in just before the deadline closed, we have everybody’s favourite drunk gamers ‒ OAP, the oldest (in both Xbox and real life years) Gears clan.

Let the Games Begin!

This week sees the tournament kick off with the preliminary matches on Thursday. The Button Mashers take on the Bench Warmers, Johnny can’t Swim confront OAP and CMR Lambent and Infected clash in an all CMR battle. Best of luck to those teams and all the best to the other teams with their prep.

Be sure to check the Crimson Moon Rising website for updated team rosters and a provisional tournament schedule.

Can You Spare a Host?

Note: The Gears of War 3 Grand Finale Tournament is looking for more hosts to help out during the event and perform referee duties in matches. These hosts will need to be available on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8pm until 10pm, depending on the schedule.

Candidates would need a stable 2Mbps ADSL line at least, as well as the first two downloadable content packs for Gears of War 3. We are offering incentives for those who offer to host matches, so please get in touch with Crimson Mood Rising through their website, or email at: clancmrza[@]gmail[dot]com

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