FIFA Tuesday Report: Just for kicks

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Our second FIFA Tuesday evening was held last week and getting into games was much easier this time around thanks to FIFA 13’s ‘Online Friendlies’ mode which makes it simple to dive into a head-to-head match with a friend.

Russell and I represented El33tonline on the Xbox LIVE side of things while community member Marius suffered a power outage and was only able to host two games on PSN.

Here are the results from last week’s FIFA Tuesday:


  • Russell (RDMZN) vs. Tom (tom110584): 1 – 1
  • Russell vs. Tom: 1 – 1
  • Russell vs. Tom: 1 – 2
  • Russell vs. Tom: 0 – 3


  • Andrew vs. CataclysmicDawn: 1 – 1
  • Andrew vs. CataclysmicDawn: 1 – 2
  • Trebzz vs. Andrew: 0 – 1
  • Marius vs. Richard: 2 – 1
  • Marius vs. Richard: 0 – 3

If you took part in last week’s FIFA Tuesday event on PSN then please leave a comment below along with your scores so we can add them to this report.

We will be playing again tonight at 9pm so feel free to add myself (Gamertag: tom110584) or Russell (RDMZN) on Xbox LIVE before the games get underway, or join other El33tonline community members on PSN (check the comments below to see who’s playing).

Here are the official FIFA 13 Goals of the Week to get you in the mood for tonight’s matches (thanks to Russell for sharing):

See you online!

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