El33t’s Question of the Day: Is it all doom and gloom for gaming, despite next-gen consoles on the horizon?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Ex-Epic Games creative director Cliff Bleszinski has always been outspoken about the videogame industry and his place in it, while knowing exactly where the line is and when not to cross it so as not to make enemies in the close-knit (and surprisingly small) development community.

Since going into what he calls ‘semi-retirement,’ however, Bleszinski has begun to open up more about his thoughts on games and other companies and recently painted a grim picture for the current state of the industry. With this in mind, the latest Question of the Day asks:

Is it all doom and gloom for gaming, despite next-gen consoles on the horizon?

In a post on his blog, Bleszinski stepped through his thoughts on the recent PlayStation 4 reveal event, detailing his ideas on what next generation consoles need to do in order to be successful, noting:

  • The games. It’s all about the games.
  • The ecosystem. Apple knows that Itunes and the App store are a HUGE factor in their success.
  • The ability to remain adaptable in a fast moving world. Fast title updates from developers (cont.)

Then in a recent interview with, Bleszinski commented that he thinks “we’re in a massive state of turmoil. I think Nintendo could possibly be faced with the situation of becoming a company that only makes software moving forward. I think Sony and Microsoft are about to come to major blows.”

Bleszinski then goes on to point out where the industry’s strengths are at the moment, but it’s clear that he’s uncertain about the future of videogames in their current state.

Do you think that the videogame industry is on the brink of collapse, similar to the early 80s where home game systems became infeasible to produce, sell and create games for? Or will the industry come back stronger than ever with the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox this year and in 2014? What is Nintendo’s place in this industry?

Do you agree with Cliff Bleszinski that the industry is “in turmoil?”

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