Trio of Soul Sacrifice trailers and TV spots released ahead of Japanese launch

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Soul Sacrifice Banner

Sony is banking on upcoming PS Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice being the system seller that the Monster Hunter series was during the PSP era. Not only will a Soul Sacrifice console bundle be available alongside the game’s Japanese launch on March 7th, the PS Vita itself will be getting a price cut on February 28th in Japan to make purchasing the handheld to play games like Soul Sacrifice a more attractive proposition.

As part of an ongoing marketing campaign, Sony recently released a trio of new Soul Sacrifice trailers and TV commercials showcasing the action-heavy and co-op focused nature of the game.

Take a look below:

Soul Sacrifice will be released on April 30th in the US and May 1st in European territories. Head over here for El33tonline’s previous coverage of this Sony-endorsed action-RPG.

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