Stunning, direct-feed Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay demo released

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Killzone: Shadow Fall Banner

One of the most exciting aspects of the PS4 is that it allows developers to truly unleash their imaginations and create incredibly lifelike and detailed worlds that were previously reserved for films employing CGI.

Guerrilla Games recently released direct-feed footage of its upcoming PS4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall that was unveiled during the PlayStation Meeting 2013. This gameplay demo was captured in full HD using the PS4’s ‘share’ functionality that allows users to edit and publish the last fifteen minutes of gameplay for any given title.

Check it out below:

As good as this footage appears from a graphics perspective, it’s possible the game will look and run even better when it’s released later this year. Rumour has it that up until recently PS4 developers have been using devkits that feature far less than the 8GB of DDR5 RAM that will be present in the final hardware.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be released exclusively for PS4 this holiday season as part of the console’s launch line-up.

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