Bugbear teases FlatOut follow-up with impressive in-game trailer

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Bugbear Entertainment’s last game was the mostly good Ridge Racer: Unbounded, a racing game that included some of what Ridge Racer fans love, and a touch of the ultimate mayhem that fans of the FlatOut series of racers enjoyed.

The developer is due to unveil its next title very soon, however, and as promised on Bugbear’s website, it looks like a true return to its roots.

Bugbear Next Car Game Teaser Image

Creatively codenamed ‘Next Car Game,’ Bugbear’s upcoming vehicle-based title seems to be a demolition derby game of some kind, and the video below showcases the crushing destruction (and impressive physics simulations) the team has focussed on this time around

“We’re making a new car game,” read a post on Bugbear’s official teaser site. “This time we’re going back to our roots – just like all of our fans have been asking us to do! If you like what you see above, you’re going to love it. It’s all in-game footage!”


Bugbear Entertainment: Next Car Game Teaser Trailer

“We’re doing it because nobody else seems capable of delivering the kind of game our fans have been asking from us every week,” Bugbear continued. “We feel that there hasn’t been a proper demolition derby game in years. It’s about time they got an answer.”

Do you think Bugbear can live up to its own claims? The trailer looks mighty.

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