SimCity goes gold ahead of March release – celebrate with a free tune!

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Great news for anyone looking forward to returning to the classic city-building universe of developer Maxis, because the team has today announced that SimCity has gone gold and is ready for printing and distribution in time for its early March launch date!

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With the biggest barrier to releasing SimCity out of the way (i.e. actually finishing the game), the game’s creative director Ocean Quigley wrote a special note on behalf of the Maxis team to current and future Mayors of SimCity around the world, saying:

“On behalf of the SimCity team, I’m thrilled to tell you that we just finished our Gold Master disc. As you read this, SimCity discs are starting to roll off the assembly line and into their boxes to be sent to stores around the world for their March launch.”

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Quigley then goes on to briefly touch on the history of the game and how it came to be put into production, writing that “for nearly 10 years I’ve been lobbying the higher ups at EA to let me return to SimCity, the game that brought me into this industry in the first place.

“A few years ago, we got our chance.”

To begin, Quigley set to work ‘bringing the band back together’ and while he wasn’t able to recruit all of the SimCity veterans, he was able to put together a group talented developers to “take ideas that we’d dreamed about back in SimCity 4’s development and make them real.”

Quigley also shared a tune from SimCity with everybody to celebrate going gold, which you can listen to over here.

SimCity is out on March 5th in the US and March 8th everywhere else, on PC and Mac. Are you going to don your Mayor’s cap, roll up those sleeves and get to the important work of build the perfect city?

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