PS4 won’t be backwards compatible with retail or PSN games, Sony working on solutions

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Backwards compatibility has been a problem for Sony since the release of the PS3, with only a fraction of consoles being able to play PS2 discs. Similarly, the PS Vita launched without support for PSone games although this functionality was later made available via a firmware update.

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Now Sony has revealed that the PS4 won’t be able to play PSone, PS2 or PS3 discs nor will it offer native support for current-gen PSN games.

Speaking to Joystiq, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida said the fundamental shift in system architecture between the PS3 and PS4 makes it impossible to support games for older systems without employing emulation or cloud streaming solutions.

Yoshida said the company isn’t talking about emulation plans as yet but can confirm that it is working on cloud service plans to make it possible to stream games for previous PlayStation systems on the PS4.

Are you disappointed that the PS4 won’t offer native support for games on previous PlayStation platforms or current-gen PSN games? Let us know in the comments.

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