El33t’s Pre-Weekend Post: DBNGamers, family time, and getting ready to suit up

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What better way to start the weekend than hanging out with like-minded gamers, sharing some great food, and swapping some opinions on the recently revealed PlayStation 4.

Here’s what the El33t team will be getting up to this weekend, what’s on your agenda for the next few days?


“This weekend promises to be filled with game-related conversations with friends (at DBNGamers tonight), playing awesome games such as Persona 4 Golden, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Sleeping Dogs, and dreaming about the day I unbox my very own PS4…

Besides gaming, I’m looking forward to watching some more Studio Ghibli films with my wife and going down to the beach for a bicycle ride on Sunday morning.

See you p33ps later at DBNGamers!”

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“It’s been a long week with family members being sick and lots of work going down. I recall a time when a young adult male who booked a day off from work with a sickness could get through his backlog of games but the children variable seems to put paid to any such ambitions!

I am hoping to get the rugby in for the weekend and then I’ll be working through the rest of it. Maybe – if time permits and project coordination goes well – I’ll pop by Waxy’s to grab a bite and a chat and see how much fun everyone else is going to be having this weekend while I work…”

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“It’s an epic weekend on the gaming calendar, with a solid start at DBNGamers tonight. Of course it’s Battlefield Friday and many will be partaking in that, but for me the call of Crysis 3 will be just too strong. I can’t wait for the opportunity to suit up and plunge into this most awesome game of 2013.”

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“First of all I’d just like to say happy Crysis 3 launch day everyone! Since I sat down at the demo of this game at E3 and then got hands-on time at gamescom I’ve been itching to play the multiplayer modes with friends online and experience what I know will be a great singleplayer campaign. Lush graphics, incredible weapons, and Prophet who is an undeniably awesome badass…what more could you want for your weekend?

DBNGamers will kick off this weekend’s festivities, and I’m looking forward to catching up and seeing what everyone thinks of the new PlayStation 4 announcements. There may also be some movie action and pizza in my near future too, so it’s time to get excited for the weekend!

Have an awesome weekend. Stay safe p33ps, and happy gaming!”

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