Brainteaser Friday: Guess the Game for February 22nd

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Last week I went very retro with the games chosen for my Guess the Game challenge, excluding one – only a few people figured out that last game. I didn’t do a specific theme for last week, but I did a combination of different game styles. Here are the names for last week’s games:

  • 1.) B-Wings – 1986
  • 2.) Duke Nukem – 1991
  • 3.) The Legend of Kage – 1986
  • 4.) Die by the Sword – 1998
  • 5.) Neighbours from Hell – 2003

This week I’ll be doing non-first-person shooter games, so without delay, here are this week’s challenges:


Guess the Game: February 22nd - Image 1

This was a very gory top-down shooter. I like this style of game and the most recent version of this genre was Alien Swarm. It had some epic power-ups and weapons.

Game 2:

Guess the Game: February 22nd - Image 2

Well, what can I say about this game? It was based on a very popular violent animated series and has a range of books and comics, too. This was a fun game and it also had some epic gore.

Game 3:

Guess the Game: February 22nd - Image 3

This game didn’t take itself very seriously. How could it take itself seriously as it had a Shark Gun that made giant sharks come out of the ground. It made so many jokes about other games, as well as a very popular series that Disney bought recently.

Game 4:

Guess the Game: February 22nd - Image 4

This game was very colourful. It was a side-scroller, but not your normal side-scroller. It was a fun game and it had some very challenging parts, such as timing your double jumps perfectly or you wouldn’t make it.

Game 5:

Guess the Game: February 22nd - Image 5

This was the first time I was able to control stuff with my mind in a game. The deeper you got into the game the more stuff you could do, like take control of an enemy character by possession, control objects and mind control just to name a few.

Do you know any of these games? Have you played them all? Good Luck.

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