Round-up of PlayStation 4 Reveals and Excitement: Games, trailers, features and more in one place

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PlayStation 2013 Event - PS4 Logo

The PlayStation Meeting 2013 event started early at El33tonline as we jumped headlong into a dissection of rumours and speculation swirling around the potential announcement of the PlayStation 4.

After letting the excitement build in our brains for the rest of the day we slipped into our liveblog so we and our intrepid friends and readers could share some very important discussions ahead of the official conference start time (the coffee was great, thanks Jody).

When the conference began, however, there was nothing that could have scraped us from our seats. Sony Computer Entertainment’s Andrew House kicked off the event and after stepping around the subject in what he probably thought was a playful, teasing manner, he eventually stopped referring to Sony’s next home console as ‘it’ and said the magic words: PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Banner

From that moment on, we were bombarded with impressive facts, numbers and features with helpings of boundless potential, too, followed by healthy scoops of astounding trailers demonstrating PlayStation 4 games that we can look forward to this year and next.

We’ve rounded up the trailers, games, announcements and general excitement of the PlayStation 4 reveal below to provide you with most everything that’s currently known about the console – enjoy!

PlayStation 4 Features:

PlayStation 4 Showcase:

PlayStation 4 Hardware:

PlayStation 4 Games:

Destiny Concept Art Banner

Sony’s Post-reveal Comments:

There was a lot of new information regarding the PlayStation 4 and a lot to soak in… but what was your favourite announcement at the event? Do you have a favourite PS4 feature? Did one of the games impress you more than the others?

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