PlayStation Meeting 2013: Media Molecule brings the PS Move to life on PS4

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Those crazily creative fellows and fellowettes at Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway) are at it again and during the recent PlayStation Meeting 2013 event, the amazing studio revealed an amazing concept for a new and amazing way to bring your PS Move controllers to life, this time with the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation Move

Media Molecule’s Alex Evans was on hand during the event to introduce the team’s wonderful concept to the audience. Evans says that Media Molecule wants others to think of the PlayStation 4 as the ‘creative console,’ the place where you can come to set your imagination free… and even record your dreams!

By using the accuracy of the PS Move motion controller, Media Molecule has created a sandbox-like toy that lets you craft and sculpt any virtual object you can imagine, in real-time, and then use those objects as scenery, characters and props for what appears to be a puppetry mode where you take direct of control your creations.

Whether or not that’s the extent of Media Molecule’s experiments remains to be seen (we’re betting not), but you can see the team’s results so far in a demonstration video below:

Media Molecule – PlayStation 4 Showcase

Would this toy from Media Molecule be enough for you to buy a PS Move controller? Or even enough to dust off the controllers you have?

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