PlayStation Meeting 2013: Jonathan Blow’s The Witness re-unveiled for PS4, lovely screens and trailer take us on Celtic journey

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Jonathan Blow simultaneously wowed and divided the gaming world with the release of Braid on Xbox LIVE Arcade years ago, as gamers got to grips with the title’s devious time-based platforming puzzles and wrestled with the challenging story presented by the game. Over three and half years later, Blow’s next game is almost ready for prime time.

The Witness was re-unveiled at today’s PlayStation Meeting 2013, and it’s coming to PlayStation 4.

The Witness Screenshot 1

Blow describes The Witness as a game in which you explore a “compact” island (said to be “mysterious”) while solving puzzles to unlock the secrets of the landmass. “Thematically,” writes Blow, “it’s a game about epiphany ‒ that leap your mind makes when you instantly go from confusion to understanding.”

The Witness takes place in an open world setting that Blow says can be traversed in one minute and ten seconds, although the game promises 25 hours of gameplay “with no filler and no repetition. We have designed it so that wherever you are, if you want to change paths and go somewhere else, there are 3 or 4 different places to go, all within a 20 second walk,” says Blow.

Even though we’ve known about The Witness for quite some time now, the game is still looking intriguing – watch the very first official trailer for The Witness below and prepare to put your mind to the test:

The Witness – Debut Gameplay Trailer

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The Witness Screenshot 2

The Witness Screenshot 3

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