PlayStation Meeting 2013: inFamous: Second Son revealed for PS4 with white hot trailer

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Sucker Punch has been rather quiet for some time now, and after releasing downloadable content for the team’s inFamous 2 following the release of that game, we haven’t heard much from them at all. Nothing, in fact.

That all changed today during the reveal of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Meeting 2013 event, as Sucker Punch unveiled inFamous: Second Son, a new game in the studio’s series of open-world superhero action adventure games, this time with a new protagonist, a new city and new powers.

inFamous: Second Son Banner Logo

Designed “especially for the new PlayStation 4,” inFamous: Second Son stars a new hero, Delsin Rowe, who Sucker Punch describes as someone “you probably know” in real life.

“A 24 year-old who is absolutely convinced he’s destined for greatness; though so far that greatness has managed to elude him. He grew up just outside Seattle, where his great ‒ if accidental ‒ calling comes crashing into his life,” Sucker Punch says.

“After rescuing occupants from a fiery bus wreck, he discovers that he suddenly has the ability to direct, manipulate and even transform into: smoke. Could he have absorbed this power from one of the passengers he pulled from the wreckage?”

A New World for the New Hero

Sucker Punch reveals that Second Son takes place seven years after the events of inFamous 2 and Cole McGrath’s exploits, “and the world has clearly changed.”

“Anyone showing signs of being a so-called “bio-terrorist” is immediately handed over to the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) ‒ a government agency created to ensure there is never a repeat of the catastrophic events of Empire City and New Marais,” writes Sucker Punch. “So Delsin, who has never been particularly respectful of authority, finds himself caught in the DUP dragnet: and decides he’s not going to go quietly.”

Difficult Questions

Second Son aims to ask questions of players that are relevant to the world we live in today, a world where we “are often instructed to surrender our freedoms to help improve our security.” Along your journey, you’ll see many of the landmarks that make the city of Seattle famous and as with previous inFamous games, your decisions in Second Son will determine the path of the story and your gameplay abilities.

Enjoy the trailer for inFamous: Second Son below, which Sucker Punch says was produced using the team’s new engine on PlayStation 4:

Infamous: Second Son – Debut Trailer

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