PlayStation Evolution Part 5: Redefining the boundaries of play

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PlayStation Evolution Banner

A console is traditionally a platform to play games on, so without a steady stream of great games where does that leave the console?

The latest entry in Sony’s video series chronicling the evolution of the PlayStation brand has been released ahead of tonight’s expected PS4 reveal. The video makes a case for first-party PlayStation games featuring a level of sophistication that is absent from the competition’s offerings, and explores the various ways that Sony has pushed back the boundaries of ‘play’ over the years.

Take a look below:

Be sure to tune into our PlayStation Meeting liveblog which gets underway at 12:30am South African time tomorrow morning, during which we’ll be broadcasting, discussing and dissecting Sony’s announcements as they happen.

Also, Oliver’s editorial on what to expect from the PS4 reveal that is rumoured to form the basis of the PlayStation Meeting is a great place to start for a breakdown of all the leaked PS4 information we’ve read about thus far.

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