El33t’s Question of the Day: What reveals do you want the most during the PlayStation 2013 event?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

It’s difficult to choose at the best of times, but in this Question of the Day we’re asking you to think hard and isolate one, single desire:

What reveals do you want the most during the PlayStation 2013 event?

The long-awaited event – that promises to showcase the ‘Future of PlayStation’ – kicks off tonight at 6pm EST (or on the early morning of February 21st in South Africa, at 1am), and we’re fully expecting the reveal of an all new console with a host of new features.

We’ve told you what we’re expecting to be announced tonight, but what about you? What are the reveals or announcement that you would most like to come out of the PlayStation 2013 event tonight (if we take for granted that it’s a new console that’s to be unveiled)?

You’ll also be able to discuss the event live with El33tonline in our liveblog while discussing and watching the conference as it happens – will you join us then?

El33tonline reader Marius has provided a few examples of what he would like to see out of a next generation console – here are a few of his wishes for Sony:

  • Allow a custom Xross-Media Bar: I don’t need all the features cluttering my screen when I switch it on.
    Allow users to customize by simply selecting or rearranging the icons as they see fit.

  • Strong launch line-up: Don’t give us a system that will be a glorified DVD/Blu-ray player for the first
    year of its life. Give us at least twenty new games at launch with three or more exclusives.

  • Backwards compatibility: A lot of us already bought games for a second time thanks to high definition
    remake bundles. Allow us to keep these titles on our next console and not force us to buy them for a third time.

What do you think? Is Marius on the right track? What announcements do you want to hear?

(If you have a Question of the Day that you would like to put to the El33tonline community, mail it to oliver[@] and we’ll send it out, with credit of course!)

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