PlayStation Evolution Part 4: The portable experience

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PlayStation Evolution Banner

It goes without saying that we’re all incredibly excited to see what Sony will showcase during the PlayStation Meeting on February 20th. While we wait for those announcements, the platform holder has put together a video series charting the evolution of the PlayStation brand.

The latest video provides an overview of the two portable consoles Sony has released to date. PlayStation fans had to wait ten years between the release of the PSone and Sony’s first handheld console – the PSP. With high profile exclusives such as God of War: Chains of Olympus and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII along with the ability to play PSone Classics, the handheld soon attracted a loyal following and would go on to sell over 70 million units. Seven years after the PSP’s launch Sony released the PS Vita which features advanced graphical capabilities and a stunning 5-inch OLED screen with exactly twice the resolution of the PSP.

Take a look below:

Later this week we’ll be bringing you live coverage of the PlayStation Meeting where the PlayStation 4 will almost certainly be announced. The event kicks off at 1am South African time on Thursday morning so be sure to join us as we witness the future of the iconic PlayStation platform.

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