Brainteaser Tuesday: Guess the Game for February 19th

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Last week I challenged you to guess five titles that encompassed nine years of videogame history. None of you managed to guess Game 2 which was the PSone-exclusive racer Porsche Challenge developed by SCEE’s internal team (now SCE London Studio).

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The games featured in last Tuesday’s challenge were:

  • Game 1: Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos (PC) – 1993
  • Game 2: Porsche Challenge (PSone) – 1997
  • Game 3: Overboard! (PSone/PC) – 1997
  • Game 4: Myst III: Exile (PC/PS2/Xbox) – 2001
  • Game 5: Metroid Fusion (GBA) – 2002

Today’s line-up includes a motley selection of games I’ve played over the years.

Here they are:

Game 1:

Guess the Game Screenshot 1

This was one of my favourite titles during my early years as a gamer. It started off simple but got very tricky towards the end. This was back in the days when you had to restart the game from the beginning once you had used up all your continues.

Game 2:

Guess the Game Screenshot 2

This game was released when 3D racing games were still somewhat of a novelty. It was a big hit among my friends at the time and was a popular rental choice at my local video store.

Game 3:

Guess the Game Screenshot 3

This game had incredible weather effects and water physics when it was released. The environmental textures were far from wonderful but thankfully the aforementioned elements helped to offset this visual blemish.

Game 4:

Guess the Game Screenshot 4

I’ll be very impressed if anyone can guess this game since the screenshot I’ve included makes you think it’s something that it’s not…

Game 5:

Guess the Game Screenshot 5

I played this title for dozens of hours as I didn’t have any other games for the console I bought it on at the time. I used to chip away at it while my dad drove me to work (this was before I passed my driver’s license).

Do any of these games look familiar to you? Do you have fond memories associated with one or two of them? Let us know in the comments.

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