Bioshock Infinite gets three new screens and a sinister teaser trailer…

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Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 1

Who or what is the ‘Lamb of Columbia?’ How does the fate of this ‘chosen one’ tie into that of Bioshock Infinite’s colossal and mysterious floating city?

We’ve recently received a rather sinister teaser trailer for a more in-depth reveal due today which will aim to answer (or at least ask more questions about) this ‘Lamb,’ and you can whet your appetite for more Bioshock Infinite excellence with a new collection of screenshots, too:

Bioshock Infinite – Sneak Peek ‘Lamb of Columbia’ Trailer

Bioshock Infinite is now due for release on March 26th – are you excited for it?

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 2

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot 3

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