FIFA Tuesday Report: Humble beginnings

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Our inaugural FIFA Tuesday evening was held last week and plenty of fun was had despite a frustrating lobby system that kicked us out every time two players returned from a completed match.

Russell and myself represented El33tonline on the Xbox LIVE side of things while community member Marius was joined by three others on PSN. We played a few head-to-head matches in FIFA 13 to get the ball rolling, and unfortunately weren’t able to jump into any Online Team Play games due to the modest turnout.

Here are the results from last week’s FIFA Tuesday:


  • Russell (RDMZN) vs. Tom (tom110584): 0 – 4
  • Russell vs. Tom: 1 – 3
  • Russell vs. Tom: 0 – 1
  • Russell vs. Tom: 0 – 1


  • Marius (Malmarius) vs. Dugular7: 2 ‒ 1
  • Marius vs. Bracken (BLR750): 1 – 3
  • Marius vs. Dugular7: 0 ‒ 3
  • Bracken vs. Trebzz (Trebzz03): 4 – 0

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first FIFA Tuesday evening!

We will be playing again tomorrow evening at 9pm on PSN and Xbox LIVE so if you’re interested in joining us please leave your PSN IDs or Gamertags in the comments below so we can draw up a schedule for the event. We will then put this schedule in the comments section sometime tomorrow so you can see who you are playing against along with an approximate time for the match.

Myself (Gamertag: tom110584) and Marius (PSN ID: Malmarius) will be on Xbox LIVE and PSN respectively from 9pm tomorrow evening so you can also send us a friend request or a message if you’re interested in playing a few games of FIFA 13 with us and the rest of the FIFA Tuesday players.

See you all online!

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