Bright and fiery Fuse screenshots release with Ted Price interview talking weapons, augmentations and characters

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Insomniac Games is well known for the studio’s use of creative, detailed and even off-the-wall guns and we need only look at games like Ratchet and Clank, as well as Resistance, to see how much thought and design time the team puts into its weapons of destruction and cruelty (and disco dancing).

Fuse Screenshot 1

Insomniac’s next game, a third-person co-operative shooter by the name of Fuse, won’t skimp on the developer’s healthy dollops of weapon ingenuity and in the fantastically bright and bold (and explosive) screenshots below, and an interview with founder and Ted Price, we get to see a lot more of the guns, abilities, characters and augmentations of the game.

Find out about the Echelon ‘Horde Mode’ (which is flipped on its head) and more with Ted Price and the included Polygon interview, and enjoy the rest of the screens why don’t you:

Fuse – Ted Price Interview

Fuse was recently delayed out of March into later in 2013, but you can enjoy El33tonline’s past looks at the game with more in-engine footage, as well as more collections of screenshots and details.

Fuse Screenshot 2

Fuse Screenshot 3

Fuse Screenshot 4

Fuse Screenshot 5

Fuse Screenshot 6

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