Report: New (grainy) photo of the supposed PS4 controller appears

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PlayStation 4 Controller Photo 2 - Banner

When low quality, grainy and supposedly legitimate images of upcoming gaming hardware appear and flood the internet ahead of a major announcement… that’s when things start getting exciting. That’s when the snowball of anticipation begins to uncontrollably thunder down the mountain to crash into an unsuspecting village of pundits waiting at the foot of the towering peak.

Seemingly overnight, that snowball has effortlessly transformed itself into an unstoppable boulder intent on our destruction, adding a new (leaked) image of the PlayStation 4 controller to its armour.

PlayStation 4 Controller Photo 2

We got our first peek at the controller (which top outlets around the world claim to be legitimate) earlier this week, which gave us looks at the touch pad, motion control feature, speaker/mic area, updated thumbsticks and a new button – the rumoured ‘Share’ function. With the new photo, however, we get a clear view of a new port at the bottom of the controller, which could very well be for a microphone or headset.

Have a look below:

PlayStation 4 Controller Photo 2 - Zoom

Prototype or not, this version of the controller looks very real to us. We’ll get the full picture when Sony Computer Entertainment makes its PlayStation-related announcement on February 20th (this week!) – watch the first two videos released by Sony leading up to the event, and get get that Hype O’ Meter revving with us.

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