PlayStation Evolution: Sony’s Feb. 20th event teased with new video

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Following on from Sony Computer Entertainment’s previously released teaser video pointing to ‘an announcement’ of some kind on February 20th where we would be able to ‘See the Future’ of PlayStation, a new video has appeared leading up to this event detailing the ‘evolution of PlayStation,’ beginning with Sony’s original home console back in the mid-90s.

PlayStation - February 20 Banner

“PlayStation’s arrival to the world of gaming signaled a change in the status quo and a sign of things to come,” writes a post on the official PlayStation blog. “The original PlayStation system emerged in 1994 in Japan as a dark horse challenger, a seemingly outgunned newcomer entering a crowded field dominated by legends of the 16-bit era.

“PlayStation’s advanced technology and innovative controller design won raves with critics and gamers, and in 1995, the system expanded to North America, Europe, and Australia,” the post continues. “Accompanied by a powerful salvo of titles including WipEout, Crash Bandicoot, and Gran Turismo, PlayStation’s rapid rise marked the end of one era of videogames and the dawn of another. The world was never the same.”

Watch the interesting video looking at the birth of the PlayStation brand below:

Evolution of PlayStation: The Beginning

You can watch Part 2 of this ‘Evolution of PlayStation’ video series over here to see discussion on the PlayStation 2 and its dramatic affect on the videogame world.

Sony’s February 20th event is widely believed to be when we’ll officially learn about the existence of the PlayStation 4 – stay tuned to El33tonline for a full dissection of the announcement.

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