PlayStation Evolution Part 2: The rise and rise of PlayStation 2

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February 20th, 2013 is a date that is by now etched into the very jelly of many a PlayStation fans’ brain as they itch and twitch as though in a frenzy, waiting for news of a new Sony console.

These agitations are understandable – the potential announcement of the PlayStation 4 this week is enough to put the most fervent supporter in a coma – but we’re going to try to do our part in bathing your mind in a cool salve… before plunging you back into burning anticipation.

The second video in Sony Computer Entertainment’s ‘PlayStation Evolution’ series recently went live, this time looking at the affect of the PlayStation 2 and the overwhelming reception the console received at launch – enjoy below, and watch the first video in the series over here:

Evolution of PlayStation: PlayStation 2

Sony’s February 20th event is widely believed to be when we’ll officially learn about the existence of the PlayStation 4 – stay tuned to El33tonline for a full dissection of the announcement.

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