Truth… or Legend? The Songbird of Columbia discussed, discovered in latest fascinating documentary

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Bioshock Infinite - Songbird Image

The journey of discovery and the quest for the truth of Columbia continues today with another fascinating mini documentary examining evidence alluding to the lives and beliefs of people living on this immense, long-lost ‘floating city.’

The latest motion picture feature in the ‘Truth From Legend’ series briefly discusses a mysterious, monstrous brute of a creature that has forever earned itself a place in children’s rhymes of caution, with real reports of a flying ‘creature’ of some sort coming to the surface, too.

What purpose does this fiend hold? What is it protecting on the city of Columbia? Watch the feature below and decide for yourself if what you have seen is truth… or legend!

Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus? – Part 2

You can watch the first part of this incredibly well produced series over here, where the city of Columbia itself is examined.

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