Latest GRID 2 gameplay trailer shows times, places and open spaces

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Get ready, racing fans, because there’s a new game in town!

Well… it’s not strictly a new pretender to the crown of thrills and spills racing games, but judging by the latest gameplay trailer, screenshots and race mode details, there’s definitely nothing old about GRID 2!

GRID 2 Screenshot 1

Along with the latest media blast for GRID 2, Codemasters has revealed some additional details about the game including the title’s focus on a story, with information on race modes, too… but first, have a good gander at the game’s latest impressive gameplay trailer:

GRID 2 – Gameplay Trailer

So GRID 2, a racing game will feature a story with a narrator? That’s right, and you’ll be tasked with progressing in your racing career while participating in the all-new World Series Racing championship, which lumps the greatest drivers from around the world into a single racing series that “starts from the grassroots and grows into a huge Prime Time competition,” says Codemasters.

“Racers from different disciplines ‒ street racers, drifters, track racers and more ‒ all come together in one global series, with each driver moving in and out of their comfort zone. So who is the greatest? Join WSR in GRID 2 and find out:”

GRID 2 Screenshot 2

GRID 2 will also include a few varied gameplay modes that will take you to cities including Paris, Barcelona, Chicago and California, while speeding around corners in motors like the BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution, Ford Mustang Mach 1 and Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS SS 1970 for road races, the Ariel Atom 3, BAC Mono and KTM X-Bow R for track racing and the McLaren MP4-12C, Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG and Corvette Z06 Centennial Edition for street racing.

GRID 2 Screenshot 3

What modes can you expect in GRID 2? Here’s a list with explanations of each:


“Well, GRID isn’t a driving game, it’s a racing game. It’s an important distinction. So it goes without saying that one of the game modes within GRID 2 will be Race. You know the deal, start fast, finish first and take home the glory.

“GRID 2 introduces a lot of new modes and features, but ultimately, we’re determined to make the best in-game racing experience whenever you’re behind the wheel and straight up racing is the heartbeat of the game.”

GRID 2 Screenshot 4


“Eliminator is a constant fight for position. As the event unfolds, any racer that is in last position when the time runs out is eliminated from the race and the winner is the racer who survives all eliminations.

“Keep up with the pack or you’re all but guaranteed to be eliminated, but careful as you trade paint with your competitors as one false move can have catastrophic results:”

GRID 2 Screenshot 5


“Checkpoint is all about how you handle under pressure as you aim to cover as much distance before the timer expires. You’ll only have a limited time to make it to the next checkpoint so you’ll be expected to hit the apexes and find the right braking points to shave precious seconds off your time.”

GRID 2 Screenshot 6

GRID 2 Screenshot 7

GRID 2 Screenshot 8

GRID 2 Screenshot 9

GRID 2 Screenshot 10

GRID 2 is due out on May 31st in the UK across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC – catch El33tonline’s previous looks at the racer over here.

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