For Our U.S. Friends: Win Dead Space 3 DLC unlock codes on PSN and Xbox LIVE!

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Thanks to everyone for entering our Dead Space 3 DLC unlock code giveaway – congratulations to our Twitter Friends Mysticfail, incphi, GuevaraArauz, rogXue and rann78 for winning a code each!

We’ll do our best to get more competitions and contests for our readers o’er the seas soon!

We’re very rarely able to run competitions for our readers in the US of A, so when we get to give you something, of any description, we jump at the chance!

So we’re pleased today to be able to give away a few downloadable content unlock codes for Dead Space 3 across PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, only for our US friends this time!

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Thanks to EA and its partners, we’re able to give away two DLC unlock codes for Xbox LIVE, and three codes for PlayStation Network – here’s what’s up for grabs, followed by a Twitter link. If this is the item you would like a chance to win, then click the link and hit Tweet!

Of course, if you want a chance of winning any of the codes there’s nothing stopping you from tweeting every message, either.



This pack contains the Marauder Suit and AL-9 Clearcutter. Marauder Suit: Boarding party gear issued to fearless S.C.A.F. Marauder units during the Separatist Wars. AL-9 Clearcutter: The Triple Threat Pulse Rifle decimates crowds while the J-111 Eviscerator cuts down close encounters.

I’m invited to the annual Marauder Ball in Dead Space 3, but I don’t have a suit! Help?

Bot Capacity:

This upgrade doubles the amount of resources – including Ration Seals – that each Scavenger Bot will deliver to you at the Bench. Quickly stock up on Tungsten, Semiconductors, Scrap Metal, Somatic Gel, and Transducers. Resources can be used to craft weapon parts, consumable items, and suit upgrades.

My Dead Space 3 Bot is giving it all she’s got but it’s not enough! Help?

PlayStation Network


Contains the Sharpshooter Suit and SMP-90 Sharpshooter. Sharpshooter Suit: Elite S.C.A.F. military gear designed for the UN14 Snake Bite Special Ops Division. SMP-90 Sharpshooter: A modified version of the Seeker Rifle paired with a custom-skinned Line Gun.

I couldn’t hit a Necromorph farm barn door in Dead Space 3 if I tried! Help?

Bot Personality:

This upgrade contains an ANG-3 Scavenger Bot voice and personality firmware update. It will automatically upload advanced speech and sarcasm protocols to all your Scavenger Bots, empowering them with the ability to speak out loud the random thoughts whirring around inside their microprocessor-powered brains.

They call my Dead Space 3 Bot Mr. Ugly because it has no Personality! Help?

Bot Accelerator:

This upgrade decreases the harvesting time for each Scavenger Bot by 50%. Get a rapid restock from your Scavenger Bot whenever you need to top up on Tungsten, Semiconductors, Scrap Metal, Somatic Gel, Transducers, and Ration Seals.

My Dead Space 3 Bot needs a heavy foot pronto! Help?

If you’re not on Twitter then you can also leave a comment on this Facebook post or in the comments on this post, specifically mentioning the unlock you would like to win – good luck!

If you’re looking to win codes for Dead Space 3, you either already own the game or you’re looking to get it soon, but you should definitely still read Lisa’s review of EA and Visceral’s latest action horror title and share your thoughts on the game with our readers.

Thanks to Asha at EA’s media partner for providing El33tonline with these Dead Space 3 codes to give away!

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