Have a happy Valentine’s Day with special videogame artwork and fun distractions!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! We hope you all have plans to spend some quality time with your significant other and loved ones today.

Our heartfelt wishes for you are echoed by various videogame companies around the world as they mark the day with awesome artwork and messages for you and your special somebody, as well as with at least two excellent interaction distractions, and we’ve collected a few of them together for your entertainment!

Valentine's Day El33t

Before you browse through the artwork below, we would like to draw your attention to this fun Borderlands 2 random message generator that creates images for you to send to a friend, partner or co-op buddy.

Just select a few variables including character, intensity and relationship and it’ll whip something up for you! Try it out now!

Valentine's Day: Borderlands 2

The latest Google Doodle is also very clever, but you’ve probably seen that one already.

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day, p33ps? Let us know in the comments below, and also be sure to give us a heads-up on any other great videogame themed Valentine’s artwork you might see today, and we’ll add them to the collection below.


Aliens: Colonial Marines

Valentine's Day: Aliens: Colonial Marines

(Original sighting)

Angry Birds

Valentine's Day: Angry Birds

(Original sighting)


Valentine's Day: Bioshock

(Original sighting)

Bioshock Infinite

Valentine's Day: Bioshock Infinite Image 1

Valentine's Day: Bioshock Infinite Image 2

(Original sighting here and here.)

Dead Island

Valentine's Day: Dead Island

(Original sighting)

Dead Space 3

Valentine's Day: Dead Space 3

Valentine's Day: Dead Space

(Original sighting here and here)

Epic Games

First released last year, but they’re still awesome:

Valentine's Day: Epic Games 1

Valentine's Day: Epic Games 2

Valentine's Day: Epic Games 3

Valentine's Day: Epic Games 4

(Original sighting here and here)


Valentine's Day: Fuse (Insomniac Games)

(Original sighting)

Gears of War

Valentine's Day: Gears Of War

(Original sighting)

Google Doodle

Valentine's Day: Google Doodle

(Original sighting)

Halo 4

Valentine's Day: Halo 4

(Original sighting)

Jet Set Radio

Valentine's Day: Jet Set Radio

(Original sighting)


Valentine's Day: Katamari

(Original sighting)


Valentine's Day: LittleBigPlanet

(Original sighting)

Mass Effect

Valentine's Day: Mass Effect

(Original sighting)

Naughty Dog

Valentine's Day: Naughty Dog 1

Valentine's Day: Naughty Dog 2

Valentine's Day: Naughty Dog 3

(Original sighting here and here)


Valentine's Day: Nintendo 1

Valentine's Day: Nintendo 2

(Original sighting here and here)


Valentine's Day: Skyrim

(Original sighting)

Star Wars

Not strictly videogame themed, but great all the same.

Valentine's Day: Star Wars

(Original sighting)

Which are your favourite? Any images you would like to add?

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