Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Afrihost – R14 for 14GB ADSL bandwidth, today only!

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Afrihost Valentine's Day Banner Logo

Valentine’s Day is a time to spend with your very special someone and Afrihost wants to help you connect with your loved one with an incredible offer, but you’ll need to act quickly to take advantage of the team’s generosity today!

For Valentine’s Day only, the leading South African ADSL service provider is letting you connect and top up with intnernet bandwidth for just R14!

R14/14GB Topup

Afrihost Valentine's Day 14GB Topup

For less than half the price of a ticket to that romantic movie, you can top up your current Afrihost ADSL account with 14GB of bandwidth for only R14!

“It’s so cheap, you won’t even ask for change!” says Afrihost.

Make your way to your Afrihost Client Zone panel and top up now!

R14 for 1Mbps Uncapped

Afrihost Valentine's Day 1Mbps Uncapped

But what if you don’t already have an ADSL account with Afrihost? Then you should definitely take advantage of this offer to sign up for a 1Mbps uncapped account, also for only R14 for the first month!

“That’s an incredible saving on your first month of Uncapped Internet Bliss!” Afrihost enthuses.

Need an inexpensive ADSL connection this month? With a chance to experience Afrihost’s signature excellent service? Then sign up for the 1Mbps uncapped account over here!

If you want to take Afrihost up on these offers, you’ll need to top up or sign up before this Valentine’s Day love cools down at 23:59:59 today, 14th February 2013!

Are you going to get a little extra internet lovin’ from Afrihost today?

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