Breaking: Wargaming acquires Gas Powered Games

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After a string of cancelled projects, a severe staff reduction and a failed Kickstarter campaign, the situation looked very dire for Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander developer, Gas Power Games, as well as the studio’s chief, Chris Taylor.

Following the cancellation of the company’s Wildman Kickstater recently, however, Taylor appeared in a video to assure fans that there was a potential exciting future for the studio – a future that has been just been revealed as Wargaming (World of Tanks) has announced its acquisition of Gas Powered Games.

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According to a press release, Wargaming will take full ownership of Gas Powered, “bringing into its fold a contingent of veteran developers, including CEO and company founder Chris Taylor.”

This acquisition, says Wargaming, will “further bolster Wargaming’s push into multiplatform expansion,” which has been further boosted by the company’s buyout of Day 1 Studios and Big World, a developer of massively multiplayer online middleware.

CEO of Wargaming, Victor Kislyi, said of the acquisition:

“Gas Powered Games’ heritage and development pedigree shows us just how valuable an addition Chris and his company will make to the Wargaming family. Gas Powered Games has a long track record of providing incredibly engaging AAA gaming experiences and we can’t wait to start working with them.”

CEO of Gas Powered Games Chris Taylor responded in kind, saying:

“Wargaming growth in recent years has been tremendous, and we’re looking forward to joining one of the fastest growing gaming companies in the world. I’m sure our experience and expertise will help us contribute even more to Wargaming’s global success.”

This is fantastic news for Gas Powered Games and fans of the studio’s titles and will give the company a stable financial foundation in order to continue to work on the strategy and action RPGs the team is known for.

Will we see Gas Powered’s franchises being used in the free-to-play and massively multiplayer online game space? You can bet on it, but luckily the studio’s games are perfectly suited to this style of gaming.

What are your thoughts on Wargaming’s acquisition of Gas Powered Games?

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