Despite everything, this Aliens: Colonial Marines launch trailer is still pretty cool

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Launch day hasn’t been too kind to Aliens: Colonial Marines and SEGA’s latest attempt at bringing the classic Alien movie franchise to videogame life has been met with strong critical opposition from outlets around the world.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Banner Image

El33tonline’s Aliens: Colonial Marines review in particular raises a few questions about the series’ suitability for the world of games and deems Gearbox Software’s effort not worthy of your time, especially in light of excellent games to come in 2013.

Despite all of this… the launch trailer for the game is still pretty darn cool, which just goes to show how much of an impact a well-cut video can have on our fragile gaming emotions:

Aliens: Colonial Marines – Launch Trailer

Will you be picking up Aliens: Colonial Marines… despite the news?

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