Bungie set to reveal something very soon… but you have to work for it!

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Destiny Banner Logo

It was only last week that Bungie sent out a video to tell the world that a reveal of the developer’s next game, codenamed Destiny, is on the cards “Within a matter of weeks,” and true to the team’s word, it looks like that debut look at the game will come sooner rather than later.

Bungie has set live a game of sorts that seems to be counting down from seven to one, with a new puzzle for every day of the week starting this Monday (February 11th) and ending on Sunday (February 17th).

Visitors are asked to “Begin by aligning” a series of eight diamond shapes in a special configuration, and if you get the right pattern, you’re taken to a new screen of what appear to be star maps or photos of space, with cryptic messages regarding messages floating around the galaxy, and an allusion to time travel.

Here’s the first pattern:

Bungie Teaser Image 1

And the result of the correct configuration:

Bungie Teaser Image 2

Can you solve Monday and Tuesday’s puzzles? The first configuration is simply two rows of the diamonds, but the second?

What do you think the messages mean and what does this all have to do with Destiny? We hope to find out very soon!

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