Get ready for the South African Gears of War 3 Grand Finale Tournament!

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Gears of War 3’s iron grip over our Xbox 360s is soon coming to an end as most of us will soon be switching over to Gears of War Judgment, but before we all do that we need to give the old dog a proper send off!

CMR and El33tonline Gears of War 3 Grand Finale Tournament Banner

So this March in the weeks leading up to Judgment, CMR will be hosting our final GOW3 tournament – a Grand Finale if you will. We’ll return to the traditional tournament format of 4v4 matches of Execution and King of the Hill. Owing to the timing, the tournament will be very compact, spanning only two weeks (4 March – 16 March) with matches being played on two nights (provisionally Tuesdays and Thursdays) a week.

Because of these constraints, we’ve already approached some of the local GOW3 teams that we feel have been the most dedicated and loyal to ZA Gears 3. The following teams will be participating:

  • CMR Stranded
  • CMR Lambent
  • GZ MountainCloudSquad
  • Johnny Can’t Swim
  • FLS Legion
  • FLS Betrayal
  • RZ Aunty Jowie
  • Bench Warmers

Video Coverage

To give everyone some exposure as well as hype up Gears of War ahead of Judgment, we’ll be recording as many of the matches as we can and uploading them to CMR’s youtube channel to display the Gears talent that SA has to offer, and if we can get it to work we hope to live stream a few matches as well.

Late Registrations

If there are other teams that too would like to enter and say goodbye to GOW3, then indicate so by submitting your team name and players (4 + 1 sub) via CMR’s contact page. Depending on numbers, new teams will play against one of the above mentioned teams in a prelim/qualifier match before entry into the tournament proper.

Can all the teams entered please provide a full team line-up by 24 February 2013 – email clancmrza[@]gmail[dot]com

Summary of Details:

  • Date: 04 – 16 March 2013

  • Format: Groups & Single Elimination

  • Teams: 4v4

  • Registration: Maximum of 5 members per team (4+1 reserve)
    Please indicate who will be captain as well as a contact email address. Please submit registrations via our contact page. Registration closes 28 February 2013

  • Host: Private Each match will be provided a neutral host (+ ref) No team may play their match while in party chat (so that hosts/refs can easily communicate with teams)

  • Matches: Best of 3 (Execution – KOTH – Execution)

We’re looking forward to kicking off the Gears of War 3 Grand Finale tournament! Will you join us? You can get further details about match timings and dates at CMR’s official contest page.

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