Fourth and final Dead Space mini series video discusses evolution

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Dead Space 3 is now fully available around the world to present EA and Visceral’s latest vision for its outstanding action horror franchise! Have you got the game yet?

Lisa’s exhilarating Dead Space 3 review is also fully available for you to read over here, and while you read over that you can prepare the perfect accompaniment piece to Lisa’s thoughts on the game with the recently-released fourth and final mini series from EA.

In this latest video, we take a look at our current position in the franchise, Dead Space 3, as we learn about the game’s story and new features, including co-operative play and a few new tricks that protagonist Isaac Clarke has learned since his last Necromorph slaying adventures – watch below:

Dead Space – A Journey Through Terror Part 4 of 4: The future

It’s been an epic journey for Dead Space 3 from reveal to release, and El33tonline was there every step of the way – read our latest ‘Reveal to Release’ feature to relive the game’s tale, from the time it was announced all the way to launch… and beyond.

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