First ‘FIFA Tuesday’ event kicks off at 9pm tomorrow on PSN and Xbox LIVE!

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Last week we asked for your feedback regarding the FIFA evenings that we’d like to run on a weekly basis. There was plenty of support from both PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers for playing FIFA 13 together at least one night a week so we’ve decided to run the FIFA evenings on both platforms!

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The first FIFA evening will be held at 9pm tomorrow night (Tuesday, February 12th) on PSN and Xbox LIVE. Myself (Gamertag: tom110584) and fellow El33tonline member Russell (Gamertag: RDMZN) will be on Xbox LIVE if you’d like to play against each of us, while community member Marius (PSN ID: malmarius) will be helping us out on the PSN side of things.

We’d like to hear your feedback on which format our online matches should take (league, lobby etc.), how long each half should be and which rules should be applied. It would be awesome to have a single, overall winner on PSN and Xbox LIVE for each of our FIFA evenings so perhaps a league format is the best way to accomplish this.

Be sure to put your Xbox LIVE Gamertag or PSN ID in the comments below (please specify which console you’ll be playing on) so we can start inviting each other in preparation for tomorrow evening’s games.

See you online!

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