El33t’s Question of the Day: What tagline would you give to your favourite games?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

In order to add a little more flair and intrigue to a game, a lot of titles are marketed to gamers to be in line with a single tagline, and we’ve seen some whoppers over the years.

Most recently, Dead Space 3 used the tagline ‘Take Down Terror,’ but what if you could come up with a tagline of your own for various games? Our latest Question of the Day asks you to get creative:

What tagline would you give to your favourite games?

Over at the official Facebook page for From Software’s upcoming action RPG, Dark Souls 2, the team is asking you to help them choose a single tagline for their game, but what about your favourite games of the past? What taglines would you bestow upon these titles?

For Quake 3: Arena, I would have gone for something very simple like, “Welcome.” For Tetris I might add the line “Build. Destroy. Repeat.” Then for Grim Fandango, the tagline could have been “Life, Death and Hope in the Land of the Dead.”

What about you? What taglines would fit your favourite games?

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