Battlefield Friday War Report: Win some, lose some

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Battlefield Friday has given us so many memories over the last couple of years, as I showed you all in the War Cry post on Friday… but we made some epic new memories this last Battlefield Friday! The mission was to go back to the classic maps and play some Team Deathmatch – no M-Coms to destroy, no positions to defend. Just epic awesome battles. Let me tell you what went down…

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I was online early in the evening, testing out the Crysis 3 multiplayer Beta and had some fun, and then I saw Randomwalsh jump into Battlefield 3, so I finished off my Crysis match with a win and one epic long distance headshot. I quickly grabbed my games holder and got the BF3 disc out and jumped onto the server Randomwalsh was playing on.

The first couple of minutes were a bit harsh for me and I had to figure out where I was running, who I needed to shoot and how to shoot a new gun without a scope, but we still won the match. We were then joined by CrazyErick, which is when the battles heated up even more. Then we had a special surprise when GunnerJunkie joined us, who brought along a new member to BF3 Friday, BiscuitZA. She is GunnerJunkie’s better half and it was her first time playing Battlefield 3. Just a couple of minutes into the match and you could see she was being trained by GunnerJunkie as she took her first tags early in the match. He was so proud.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Screenshot 1

The battles were epic awesome and you could see we were a team. We managed to work so well as a squad that we won the first nine matches in a row. It is an awesome feeling when you win. Griff3nZA, Spazzcunningham and RowanatorZA also joined in the battles. Griff3nZA rage quit once that evening and was missing for 45mins. We thought he might have lost his tags or something.

A Battlefield Friday won’t be complete without some tags being taken. Well, as per usual, GunnerJunkie managed to snag my tags four times that evening, but I did manage to snag his tags too. BiscuitZA manage to take CrazyErick’s tags and I also managed to snag Griff3nZA’s tags. BiscuitZA lost her tags a couple of times too, but I can’t remember if I managed to take them.

Thanks to everyone who joined in on Friday, you all helped me finally reach my goal of 10000 kills in Battlefield 3!

Soldiers on the Battlefield:

  • Drv8derZA
  • Randomwalsh
  • POItjie
  • GunnerJunkie
  • RowanatorZA
  • Griff3nZA
  • CrazyErick
  • BiscuitZA
  • Spazzcunningham

It was an awesome evening, and here is looking toward this Friday for some more action. Feel the Battle and see you all on the Battlefield.

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