These winners will soon learn the meaning of Anarchy Reigns!

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What is Anarchy Reigns? Perhaps the question that you need to ask is, ‘What isn’t Anarchy Reigns?’

From the outside looking in, Anarchy Reigns from SEGA and Platinum Games is an over-the-top third-person brawler where chaos rules and spectacularly ridiculous random events change the landscape of the arena on a minute to minute basis. Black holes, giant krakens, crashing planes? It’s madness.

Anarchy Reigns Competition Banner

But what is Anarchy Reigns, really? In an effort to let our readers in on the secret, we recently ran a competition with chances to win the game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Who will discover the mystery?

Just as randomly as a black hole might appear in the game, our Anarchy Reigns competition winners appeared before our very eyes…

Congratulations to Maelstrom (Xbox 360) and Yanas (PS3) who will each receive a copy of Anarchy Reigns on their chosen platform!

Thank-you to everybody for entering the contest, and thanks to Ster Kinekor and SEGA for providing the games to give away!

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