El33t’s Question of the Day: Will you be playing Dead Space 3 today?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

It’s an exciting day for fans of action and horror games, because Dead Space 3 is now available in Europe, the UK and South Africa! Today!

El33tonline has been fortunate enough to witness the game’s journey from reveal to release and we marked the launch today with a look back at our time with Dead Space 3 since June 2012 until now in February, so we’re very keen to play the final game today… but what about you? Our Question of the Day is:

Will you be playing Dead Space 3 today?

Have you already bought Dead Space 3, or pre-ordered it waiting to collect today? Will you be visiting a retailer near you to make the purchase this weekend? Or are you biding your time until a price drop or waiting for more recommendations to get into it?

Which of the previous Dead Space games have you played, or will Dead Space 3 be your first of the franchise?

Will you be playing Dead Space 3 any time soon?

(If you have a Question of the Day that you would like to put to the El33tonline community, mail it to oliver[@] and we’ll send it out, with credit of course!)

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