Battlefield Friday War Cry: Relive the Classics

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Battlefield 3 has seen some epic additions in the last couple of years with some great new maps and game modes, but sometimes going back to the classics is a good thing. For example, look at a few weeks ago when we played some classic Conquest on the classic maps, and by classic maps, I mean the first maps that came with the game. Some epic battles have been won and lost on those maps.

Battlefield Friday

Take this as an example: It was the third or fourth Battlefield Friday and the challenge was made to see if you could claim POItjie’s dogtags. On the one side you had POItjie, Smuroh and Brattex, on the other side you had Fullmetal MDK, Bro October and Oltman.

The map was Noshair Canals and I was pinned down near Target A, behind a concrete barrier. I had Fullmetal MDK coming from the left, Bro October from the right and someone else coming from the middle – then it happened. Oltman parachuted in from above and landed right behind me and claimed my tags.

If memory serves me correctly, Fullmetal MDK lost his tags to me the first time we played BF3 online (before Battlefield Friday was born) and until today, he hasn’t claimed my tags… but then there is Piglet DE. What can I say, it seems like I am always at the wrong place at the right time for her to claim my tags.

Battlefield 3 Screenshot 2

Now that we took a stroll down memory lane, I think it is time to get to business.

Tonight I have set a goal for myself. I am 213 kills away from my 10000th kill. I need my Squad to help me reach my goal. So I was thinking. We should relive the classic moments of the past and play some Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch on all the classic maps. So hear my call fellow Soldiers: Your time to rejoin Battlefield Friday is now!

Join me, POItjie and the Super Squad of CrazyErick, Smuroh, Griff3nZA, GunnerJunkie and RowanatorZA in some epic battles tonight on Xbox LIVE from 8:15pm. Let us rewrite history and make new memories of epic battles and show the world that El33t Platoon has epic skills.

One last thing, remember to have fun and Feel the Battle!

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