Announcing the winners of DmC: Devil May Cry and an awesome shirt!

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In the lead up to DmC: Devil May Cry’s launch in January, the gaming world was divided into two camps, with one side loving everything that Ninja Theory’s take on the long-running franchise had to offer, while the other side took umbridge to the style and personality of the game’s portrayal of series protagonist Dante.

If you manage to look past any previously held expectations for what Devil May Cry should and shouldn’t be, then you would find an outstanding action game.

DmC: Devil May Cry Competition Banner

El33tonline, along with Ster Kinekor and Capcom, recently gave you all a chance to win DmC: Devil May Cry so you could decide for yourself if you like the new Dante and the game’s many and varied underground themes, but the question is, who will be able to discover their own truth of the matter?

After feeding the data into our very special, top of the line Random O’ Tron 2000 device (the latest in the series and hot off the production line!), the names of the following winners were printed out on reams upon reams of punched printer paper:

Congratulations to NinjasCreed (Xbox 360) and Trebzz (PS3) for both winning copies of Dmc: Devil May Cry, as well as awesome shirts!

OK Random O’ Tron 2000, you’ve done your job, you can stop now. Stop printing. You’re just printing the same names over and over again, enough with the…

Well anyway, El33tonline thanks everyone for entering our latest competition, and special thanks to Ster Kinekor and Capcom for providing the prizes!

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