Who would win in a fight? Injustice Battle Arena asks the community (and Kevin Conroy) to weigh in

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It’s an age old question that spans comic books, movies, video games and many other sources where great (and despicable) characters are found: Who would win in a fight?

Warner Bros. Interactive and developer NetherRealm Studios are asking you to help them determine who would have the upper-hand over who by selecting between characters included in the pair’s upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us fighter, with match-ups between classic DC heroes and villains offered to fans.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Banner Logo

Over the next ten weeks, and every Monday, you’ll be presented with a roster of DC character who have been paired up against one another, and then asked to vote on which character you think would win between them.

You’ll need to get your votes in by Thursday evening every week, with the results being announce in a “final fight video, showing the all-out battles and ultimate victor of that week’s match-up.”

The announcement video sets up what they’re calling the Injustice Battle Arena:

Injustice Battle Arena Announcement

Week one of voting has already begun, and to give you an example of the match-ups, here’s a look at members of the public voting on who they think would win in a fight:

Injustice Battle Arena Weekly Match-Up: Batman vs. Bane, Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn

But… what does Batman think about all of this? The (very regular) voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, weighs in the the topic of who would win:

Injustice Battle Arena Celebrity Expert: Kevin Conroy, Voice of Batman

Will you be voting in the on-going Injustice Battle Arena? Cast your votes over here to get in on the polls, and you could also win some cool prizes in the process.

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