Third Dead Space mini series video unveils series’ gameplay secrets

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Dead Space 3 Banner Image

There’s not long to go now. Dead Space 3 is out tomorrow around the world following its US launch earlier in the week. Not long to go at all…

EA and Visceral Games continue to keep the hype train a’ rollin’ with the third entry to an on-going series of Dead Space mini documentaries that dive into the history and inner-workings of this action horror videogame franchise, this time delving into what makes Dead Space tick, gameplay-wise.

A HUD-less experience, scavenging equipment, unique weapons, limb-slicing shooter action, Stasis and Kinesis… if you’ve never played a Dead Space game, the video below will spell out exactly why the franchise is so beloved amongst gamers:

Dead Space – A Journey Through Terror Part 3 of 4: Gameplay Features

Look out for the launch of Dead Space 3 tomorrow, February 8th, in Europe, the UK and South Africa across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC!

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