Halo Thursdays: Calling All Spartans

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“This is Spartan POItjie from UNSC Infinity, calling all Spartans to arms. War games are set to start this evening…”

OK, my imagination got the better of me there… but there are war games going down on the UNSC Infinity tonight on Xbox LIVE!

Halo 4 Banner Logo 6

We are calling all Spartans to arms to help us secure victory, claim the flag and become Kings of the Hill. We need your help so join me POItjie and my fellow Spartan Smuroh tonight for some awesome Halo Thursday action!

The War Games will start at 8:30pm tonight on Xbox LIVE and we hope you hear our call and join us for some epic fun. I promise I won’t drive over you with a ghost if you are on my team…

See you on the virtual battlefield!

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