El33t’s Question of the Day: What big franchise will collapse next (and how can it be avoided)?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

We’ve seen major (and many minor) videogame franchises collapse under their own weight over the years, either going through a very slow and painful death or seemingly disappearing almost overnight.

With rumblings about the future of Resident Evil recently, this Question of the Day asks:

What big franchise will collapse next (and how can it be avoided)?

Possibly the biggest, most popular and successful franchise to have been swept away in recent memory is the Guitar Hero series, while the well-liked (well enough) Red Faction series was retired some time ago.

Franchises also seem to die out when a studio goes under, which means we’ll likely never see another Blur or Epic Mickey game, and chances of another Darksiders title are getting slimmer every day.

What’s the next big videogame franchise to meet the same fate, and how can this eventuality to be avoided? Will Resident Evil be ‘retired’ at some point and then brought back in a few years time?

What other examples of franchise collapses can you think of?

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