NCsoft and Carbine’s WildStar MMOG confirmed for 2013, fantastic new trailers released

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WildStar Banner Image

In what seems like an age ago, El33tonline got a look at WildStar in 2011 during gamescom that year, where we saw debut footage from NCsoft and Carbine’s in-development massively multiplayer game with a chance to speak with the game’s developers.

We’ve seen WildStar surface for air a few times since the reveal, but NCsoft has emerged from the sea of mystery surrounding the game’s development to confirm it’s due for launch in 2013.

To mark the news, Carbine has outed a few of the game’s elements including a faction, two career paths and an all new zone included in the game, while a development update videos has been released to give us another peek at WildStar.

To set the tone, watch this awesome trailer for WildStar’s Exile faction:

WildStar – Meet the Exiles

Here’s the first snippet of the information:

“WildStar takes place on the planet Nexus, a mysterious world vacated by the ancient Elden but left rich with treasures and technologies to discover and acquire. With that in mind, here’s a little more detail about what we’re discussing today:

  • The Exile Faction: Comprised of a loose group of cast-offs and mercenaries, the Exiles were forced from their home planets and banded together out of necessity. They were the first to settle Nexus.

  • Deradune: A new zone full of savage wildlife, both native and introduced. It’s WildStar’s starting zone.

  • The Soldier Path: Designed to cater to players who prefer combat gameplay. Soldiers are given special path-specific quests and actions that provide a varied combat experience.

  • The Explorer Path: The choice for map completionists and in-game orienteers. The Explorer Path is all about getting to that high peak and areas others can’t reach.

Check out the most recent WildStar videos for a lot more details on Carbine’s upcoming MMOG:

WildStar – Choose Your Path: The Soldier

WildStar – Choose Your Path: The Explorer

Would you play a massively multiplayer online game with this kind of style and humour?

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