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Last year El33tonline started a great new feature for the community called El33tonline Cribs. In this series of editorials, community members showed off their gaming domains and let us get a little glimpse into their lives.

While I did submit a couple of pictures myself, I didn’t think to include all of the gaming swag and paraphernalia that I‘ve collected over the years, as many of you did. After looking through everyone’s entries I was inspired to share a few of my most prized gaming possessions. So without further ado…

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These first few items come from my early childhood. I got my Nintendo for my birthday in October of 1987, which in hindsight turned out to be one of the biggest years in gaming history in terms of significant titles being released. For Christmas a couple of months later I received two of my most beloved games of all-time – The Legend of Zelda and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! These are the only two video games boxes I have managed to save and they are both still in pretty good shape.

I also had a subscription to Nintendo Power for nearly all of my youth, but I only saved the three issues pictured above which include the first issue ever, a controversial Castlevania cover, and the Zelda II cover. These are three of the first four issues. The box contains a host of gaming goodies that would be too much to share. The contents range from old Nintendo calendars and strategy guides, to Nintendo Fan Club letters I received for mailing in my gaming accomplishments (there was no internet back then kiddos).

Community Focus: John Tidwell Image 2

This batch of gaming goodies combines both old and new. I’ve had the pillow case for nearly 25 years and it was part of a comforter set. Its reversible, with Mario on the other side, but I’ve always liked Link more. The t-shirt was an Ocarina of Time pre-order bonus item and the Ocarina that you see there was a gift from a friend this past Christmas. The triforce was hand-painted on there, so it’s a one-of-a-kind.

And finally, I found the deck of cards by chance online at The jack and queen of the triforce suit are, respectively, Link and Zelda. The other suits are rupees, hearts, and master swords. The cards are high quality and a really neat collector’s item. They may not be officially licensed, but they are officially cool.

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These guys, in case you don’t know already, are from McFarlane Toys and include all of the key players from the immensely popular Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Left to right you have Solidus Snake, Fortune, Metal Gear Ray, Revolver Ocelot, Olga, and then Raiden and Solid Snake in the center. There’s a lot of detail on the characters so it feels nice to have the complete set.

Community Focus: John Tidwell Image 4

This random assortment features two of my all-time favourite accessories. The Street Fighter IV fight stick is great for recreating that arcade feel, though I never quite mastered it and was always more adept with the gamepad. It’s fun to use not only with fighting games like Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but also with side-scrolling beat’em ups like Double Dragon: Neon, Final Fight and X-men arcade.

The reason the Guitar Hero guitar is pictured is because of the Metallica faceplate. It was only available in the UK, but I managed to find an eBay seller kind enough to ship it overseas to me… for a little extra charge of course. As a lifelong Metallica fan this was a must-have for me. Shredding with my plastic axe to classics such as ‘Fade to Black’ and ‘Master of Puppets’ never felt better.

The little green guys are cactuars from Final Fantasy. They’ve made appearances in just about every game in the series and were featured heavily in FFX. After trying (and failing) to secure one online I convinced my mother put her excellent sewing skills to good use and hand craft me my own. A few months later I was able to find an online retailer to ship me the official one from Japan (pictured right).

The Super Street Fighter IV Thumb Fighters are nothing too special. In fact, the clerk at GameStop looked at me like I should have been embarrassed for asking for them. Yes, I am a geek. Deal with it.

Community Focus: John Tidwell Image 5

And finally: My God of War collection. The box is the Pandora’s Box that came with the God of War III collector’s edition. I was also able to sweet talk a girl working at GameStop into giving me the lanyard, while and the Sackboy Kratos t-shirt I bought for myself online.

The mask is one of my most cherished belongings. I won it in an online competition and I usually break it out every year for Halloween. It’s pretty intimidating to look at, and if you’ve ever wondered what an anorexic Kratos would look like, well, there ya’ go. And how about those red eyes for some accidental awesomeness!

Well, that’s it for the most part. Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me and I look forward to seeing more of you and your gaming toys and gear in the near future P33ps!

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