New poll asks which next-gen console will you buy, over 43 000 gamers cast their votes

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There’s plenty of buzz surrounding the next-generation consoles expected to be announced by Sony and Microsoft over the next few months. In light of this, a question on many gamers’ lips at the moment is: “Which next-gen console, if any, do you plan to purchase?”

GameFAQs – home to thousands of videogame FAQs, guides and walkthroughs – posted a poll yesterday asking a similar question: “With just the limited information available now, which of the two upcoming next-gen consoles do you plan to buy?”

43 785 gamers have already cast their votes, with 39.42% of the voters choosing the option: “I doubt I’ll buy either one, at least not in their first years.”

The number of people who said they planned to buy the next PlayStation was almost double the number of voters who chose: “I plan to buy the next Xbox, Microsoft won’t let me down.”

Here’s a screen-grab of the poll’s overall results:

GameFAQs Poll of the Day

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