Brainteaser Tuesday: Guess the Game for February 5th

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Last week I challenged you to guess five titles that encompassed around fifteen years of gaming history. The only title that really stumped the community was Parasite Eve II which brandon october came closest to guessing.

The games featured in last Tuesday’s challenge were:

  • Game 1: Sky Destroyer (NES) – 1985
  • Game 2: Parasite Eve II (PSone) – 2000
  • Game 3: Fluid (PSone) – 1998
  • Game 4: Vectorman (Mega Drive) – 1995
  • Game 5: OverBlood (PSone) – 1997

Today’s line-up incorporates five story-driven games which I sampled over a fifteen-year period. I only completed three of these titles as the other two games were either not mine or on a platform that I didn’t have constant access to.

Here they are:

Game 1:

Guess the Game Screenshot 1

This title was one of the most disappointing entries in the series it forms part of, despite having one of the best plot premises for a game from its genre.

Game 2:

Guess the Game Screenshot 2

This hugely anticipated title from a now defunct studio seemingly failed to live up to fans’ incredibly high expectations for it. When this game was released it had some of the most detailed and atmospheric environments around, as well as jaw-droppingly ‘realistic’ cut-scenes.

Game 3:

Guess the Game Screenshot 3

I downloaded the demo for this game from a website called Happy Puppy that was very popular at the time. Backgrounds and character models were starting to get a lot more detailed at this stage so it was a very exhilarating time to be a gamer!

Game 4:

Guess the Game Screenshot 4

This title has one of the most awkward sex scenes in videogame history. The worst part is that you have to press various buttons to move the scene along…

Game 5:

Guess the Game Screenshot 5

This title was the brainchild of a very famous person in the videogame industry. The game looked remarkably good for its time, despite its graphics leaning a little too heavily on depth-of-field blur and bloom lighting.

Can you guess all the games? Have you played any of them? Happy gaming and good luck.

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