Remember Me’s glitched orchestral score featured in latest trailer

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The futuristic setting of Remember Me is realised exceedingly well and the game’s vision of a ‘Neo Paris’ is extraordinary. Society seems to have built on the foundations of the old and continued to grow upwards with the new, while the Eiffel Tower looms large and magnificent on the outskirts of the city.

The ‘Glitch’-based gameplay suits this futuristic setting well, and to match both the game’s gameplay and visuals, the music composers for Remember Me had to come up with something very special indeed to support and enhance the experience.

Enter Olivier Deriviere and John Kurlander, two composers who have been working on the score for Remember Me for close on two years. As Kurlander writes orchestral scores played by the London Philharmonic, Deriviere takes these compositions and ‘glitches’ them to match the game’s theme.

Watch and listen below as the two composers speak about the work going into the music of Remember Me, with brand new gameplay footage included:

Remember Me – Behind the Music

Remember Me is due for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in May. Look over El33tonline’s previous coverage of the intriguing action title to read about the game’s unique Glitch gameplay and melee combat.

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